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Fume Incineration - Heat Recovery Silencer - Radial (HRSR Series)

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Heat Recovery Silencer - Radial (HRSR Series)

The HRS-R is a waste heat recovery silencer is a module configuration package with 176 standard models available. This Cain economizer packages standard features such as: full exhaust bypass, full heating surface access with optional hinged doors, factory insulation, hard shell exterior, stainless interior, 3” thickness factory insulation, and comes in a variety of finned tube types and fin spacing to accommodate.

The HRS-R is designed to receive the total exhaust and liquid flow from a single source and control exit temperatures to the desired performance levels. During full operation, the radial design channels the exhaust flow through an hour glass expansion flow pattern which provides for significant dBA reduction.

The full port exhaust bypass is located at the top for convenient installation. Depending on space considerations, the unit may be installed in the horizontal or vertical position. The uniquely configured single row design of the heating surface allows for reduced fouling potential. Finned tube replacement requires no overhead cranes, special rigging, crews, or extra roof height above the unit. Individual finned tube replacement if required, is fast and easy with minimum down time.

A variety of finned tubing heat transfer surfaces are available, including: 316L stainless steel, carbon steel, duplex stainless steel, and the stainless steel tube with aluminum bonded AL-FUSE™.

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