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Gas and Diesel Cogen - Heat Recovery Silencer - Axial (HRS-A Series)

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Heat Recovery Silencer - Axial (HRS-A Series)

The HRS Axial waste heat recovery silencers are compact cylindrical heat exchangers designed for either dual or single exhaust small engines including reciprocating, turbo charged, naturally aspirated, and rotary gas engines, diesel engines, or boilers. These economizers are used to heat engine jacket water, process water, boiler water, or ethylene glycol. In addition to eliminating the need for a muffler by lowering exhaust noise, the unique coil type configuration and circulating pump allow for a secondary circulating liquid flow system.

Connecting a 1” NPT pipe to the main liquid flow loop is simple and less costly than making special changes to the main piping. The heat transfer surface, coupled with a small diversion of the main flow, adequately recover desired BTU/hr while lowering the outlet gas temperature. The optional internal stainless steel gas bypass also allows adjustment of the exiting gas and liquid temperatures as required.

The HRSA can be mounted vertically or horizontally as required. This heat recovery silencer can lower exhaust temperatures from 1000°F to 300°F with a 25 dBA reduction with operating with natural gas or diesel fuel.

Combustion Capacity: 15 to 150 kW (20 to 200 scfm)

Entering Gas Temperatures: to 1250°F


  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Internal thermal expansion design
  • Cylindrical heat transfer coil design
  • Optional stainless steel internal bypass
  • Sound attenuation
  • Optional 1 inch factory insulation
  • Optional circulating pump

Combustion Sources

  • Gas engines
  • Diesel engines
  • Boilers

Heat Sink Types

  • Engine jacket water
  • Process water
  • Boiler water
  • Ethylene glycol
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