optional system components


Timed Automatic Sootblower

Cain Industries Sootblower Component

The exclusive Cain Industries Timed Automatic Sootblower design is applied to combustion sources where the sulphur content is high and/or combustion efficiency is poor. When a soot layer accumulates on the heating surface to a thickness of 1/8², fuel consumption is increased by 8.5%.

The sootblower is also applied when it is not cost-effective to open inspection doors and clean the exchanger by other means. The sootblower system will continually keep the heating surface at a high performance level and eliminate the day-to-day operator expense and engine down time.

Liquid Temperature Control

Cain Industries Sootblower Component

Cain Industries offers a sophisticated liquid temperature control that functions as follows: During a cold startup, the exhaust bypass will be powered to the normal operating position. As the liquid temperature rises and approaches a preset point, the Liquid Temperature Control signals the exhaust bypass damper which will begin to move to the temperature control position.

When the desired temperature is completely satisfied, the damper actuator will move to the maximum open position. The heat recovery can be reduced by up to 50%. Included is a 4-20mA output controller, thermocouple weld and wire, as well as a modulating bypass actuator installed, wired, and tested (for a single 120 volt, 1ph, 60hz connection).

Exhaust Stack Adapters

Cain Industries Sootblower Component

Exhaust Stack Adapters allow the RTR to provide maximum heat recovery while mating perfectly wit existing exhaust stack sizes. For example, adapters can allow a rectangular RTR to work with a round exhaust stack.

Bypass Damper

Cain Industries Sootblower Component

The bypass damper allows the amount of exhaust gas diverted through the economizer to be modulated to achieve desired heat recovery. This becomes an important safety feature when the unit is recovering more heat than required by the existing system.

Drain Catch Ring Assembly

Cain Industries Sootblower Component

This assembly safely drains away possible condensation accumulating within the economizer or stack, on the outlet of the economizer. Includes various NPT drain connection sizes, depending on application.

Mounting Flanges and Adapters

Cain Industries Sootblower Component

Mounting flanges and adapters are integral to the Cain Industries economizers, reducing installation time and providing a superior connection between the existing stack and the Cain unit.

Automatic Surface Blowdown

Cain Industries Sootblower Component

Periodically, debris and buildup must be removed from a boiler system. The Automatic Blowdown aids in the removal of these unwanted contaminants.

Mating Flanges and Gaskets

Cain Industries Sootblower Component

Cain offers round, square, and rectangular mating flanges, transitions and gasket sets to suit most any application. Flanges are black steel, or stainless steel where appropriate.

Circulating Pump Kit

Cain Industries Sootblower Component

Cain offers all necessary pumps and related fittings for your heat recovery application - wether you need Shut off valves, Check valves, Relief valves, Steam Stop valves, Pressure or Tempurature Control valves, or Drain valves.

Removable Access Doors

Cain Industries Sootblower Component

Removable access doors provide a complete view of the finned tube heating surface for inspection, repair or maintenance. This reduces downtime and labor expenses.

Stack Corrosion Control

Cain Industries Sootblower Component

This assembly includes: Control panel with digital controller, modulating damper actuator, and thermocouple.

The Cain Stack Corrosion Control assembly senses a minimum exhaust gas temperature leaving the economizer. During a cold startup, the damper will be powered to the "maximum open position". As the temperature rises above a preset minimum temperature, the damper will begin to close to the "normal operation position". As the percent of exhaust load conditions fluctuate to lower outputs, the damper actuator will open accordingly to maintain a minimum preset outlet "temperature control position".

Support Stands

Cain Industries Sootblower Component

Cain offers structural steel support stands that easily bolt together for low cost and ease of filed assembly.

Vertical Pressurized Storage Tank

Cain Industries Sootblower Component

The Vertical Pressured Storage Tank is applied in systems where steady water flow through the economizer cannot be constant or sometimes drops down to an unacceptable flow rate. The application of this separate system allows absolute control of exonomizer outlet flue gas and water temperatures, which can be maintained in addition to the maxium BTU/Hr. recovery.

Maximum recovery is always possible because water is circulated from the bottom of the tank where new water enters, to the economizer, and back to the top of the tank where the heated water leaves. This allows the greatest entering tempperature difference to occur, for maximum heat transfer effectiveness at all times. The tank becomes the new heat sink of "bulge in the water flow line" and is specifically used for: process water control, preheating makeup water to the condensate tank or deaerator, and preheating boiler feedwater leaving the boiler feed pump to the boiler.

The pressurized tank system will eliminate any potential flashing in the economizer, and for on/off boiler feedwater systems, avoids major feedwater piping and control changes. The existing water flow system will not be affected, except for the the controlled increase in water temperature, as a result of the BTU recovered from the waste heat combustion source.

Boiler Feedwater Tank Assembly

Cain Industries Sootblower Component

Cain boiler feedwater systems are available in a variety of tank sizes, feedwater pump configurations, and optional water treatment assemblies.

Packaged assemblies include: heavy wall tank as mounted on a 5' high rectangular tube structural steel stand with water level controls and low water cutout, guage glass and thermometer, magnesium anode; (2) 2" NPT vents; 2" NPT condensate return; 1" NPT drain with shut off valve; duplex or triplex boiler feedwater pump system; electrical control panel fully pre-wired with fused disconnect switches, magnetic starters, manual start-stop switches and indicating run lights for feedwater pumps and alarms; all interconnecting wiring from electrical control panel to each component, optional chemical feed system, and/or automatic water softening system; all interconnecting bypass piping, valves, guages, fittings, etc.

This package is a complete, properly functioning assembly, primed, painted, and tested, ready for the customer's primary connections of water, condensate return, and electricity.